About the Project

Project CCRU 2.0 is a contemporary reimagining of the original ccru.net site by an informal groups of philosophers and enthusiasts. The project involves several members of the Theorygram community—bringing together several music producers, digital artists and amateur web developers as part of the website development team. Between us is a shared interest in making a virtual tribute to the Ccru before the website's 19th birthday on 4th January 2022.

The project envisions a new website that only borrows text from ccru.net, while adding new and original content otherwise to create a novel and interesting digital experience in 2022. The current roadmap includes a 6-month development cycle, with new renditions of the original 7 ccrun.net sections being added every month as 2022 progresses, culminating in a finished website by Summer 2022. We hope you enjoy the experience. Thank you for visiting the site.

Team CCRU 2.0

Lead Programmer: Thomas J. Pellarin @thenostomodernreview

3D Modeller: Gavin Bibbins @eminavb

Artist (Video): ViK @sp.realtime

Artist (Graphic Design): Gloria Everet @nepantlismo

Artist (Graphic Design): Kai @cesspool.princess

Music (Jungle): Lilith @0x00cunk

Music (Ambient): Daniel @bookchinite_ecology

Music (Vocals): Nice Trick @najs_trick

Technical Consultant: Stefan Lekic @stefans.tiff

Hint: "Digital reduction of binary powers stabilizes in a six-step cycle (with the values 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5)."