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Communique One: Message to Simon Reynolds: 1998


Ccru defines Cybernetic Culture immanently, as the mode of propagation characterizing flat productive collectivities.
Such flatness - whose intensive Quanta are Ccrunits or Barkers - involves:
1) coincidence of product-process
2) counter-chronic arrival (from machinic virtuality)
3) absolute impersonality, ahistoricity, and extraterritoriality

Ccru consists of Datable Swarm-Convergences in process. It has no genealogy, geographical centre, biographical attribution, or institutional dependency.

Ccru retrochronically triggers itself from October 1995, using a UK University as a temporary habitat. Its emergence is sequenced and accelerated by a series of singularities (Barker-Thresholds): the Virtual Futures conferences (Spring 1994, 1995, 1996), the O[rphan] D[rift] Cyberpositive book (1995), the ***collapse journal (1995-1996), the Afro-Futures event (February 1996), the Ko:Labs breakbeat experimentation zone, the Virotechnics event (October 1997), and the Switch/O[rphan] D[rift] collaboration (Beaconsfield Arts Centre, London, Autumn 1998).

Who or what you are speaking to can be accessed at different levels of intensity. It might be helpful to think of these as options, or hatches opening along a corridor. At degree-0 (1998) Ccru is the name on a door in an institution which said of the Ccru that ‘does not, has not, and will never exist'.

At higher intensities it stretches between human agencies (below 1-Barker) and Unuttera (The Entity or polytendriled abomination at 9-Barkers). All Ccru products/practices (text and breakbeat remixology, the Abstract Culture pamphlet series, concept engineering, upcoming books and CDs...) intercoil along a line of continuous variation.